Wanda Perry

Life Cycle Consultant

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Would you agree that there is order in the universe and that the Sun will rise each day?

Astrology is an excellent tool for deciphering the order within the chaos. With an understanding of your Astrological makeup and current cycles, you have a greater chance at self-understaning, self-acceptance and finding peace and happiness in your life.

Three key things that you should know about Astrology:

1. Astrology is not a religion and does not require belief before use. It is a TOOL! Must you believe in a hammer or a broom before picking it up to drive a nail or to sweep the floor?

2. Astrology is a mixture of Art and Science. It originates with actual planetary positions, relationships and movements found within a mathematical or astronomical system. How each individual Astrologer or Consultant interpretes this data or information reflects the artistic side of Astrology.

3. Astrology does not or should not override, take away or supersede your Free Will. Astrology provides probabilities or predictions based on centuries of observations. The planets impel but they do not compel. Nothing is written in stone. You will always have choice.

At what level are you living? The birthchart shows potential that could translate into events, opportunities or activities from the Little League to the Major Leagues. Your early childhood experiences, environment, beliefs and spiritual karma will play an important role in how you choose to develop and use your talents and abilities. Nothing in the birthchart can guarantee success or failure. It is up to you to embrace your talents, gifts and abilities and use them to function at the highest possible level within your reality.