Wanda Perry

Life Cycle Consultant

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Above are two SAMPLE charts of births on New Years Day 2000, at 12:00 midnight and 12:00 noon.

This demonstrates the influence of time on a birth chart. Observe the difference between an AM birth chart and a PM birth chart.

Birth Charts:

Beyond the Sun Sign that you refer to when reading your horoscope in a newspaper, on line or in a magazine, there is a world of information about you that is yet to be discovered or understood. It all starts with your own personal birth chart. Based on your birth date, birth time and birth place, a horoscope (scope of the hour) is calculated and drawn to represent the moment when you took your first breath and plugged into the universal energy. The thought is, anything born of a moment takes on the characteristics of that moment. We study that moment to uncover the basic astrological signature or cosmic make up of an individual. Within the birthchart you can identify tendencies toward behavior patterns, talents, natural characteristics or personality traits. The basic emotional, mental and physical strengths, weaknesses and needs are also indicated. You will discover and begin to understand what conditions or support systems are present or are necessary to foster growth and allow you to live up to your full potential. Remember, you always have choice!


Personal Transits and Directions:

Please note that the birth chart shows where the planets were when you were born, but they did not stop there. They continue to travel around the zodiac and on different days and times, will interact or form angles with your personal planets placements, points or sensitive energy centers. Studying the Transits, the Progressed Moon and Solar Arc Directions will indicate the current cycles or lessons that you are facing. This information provides insights about timing, along with clues pointing to the best possible action to take. In a crisis, important decisions should not be made out of desperation. You can use this knowledge or tool to better understand your tendency to react in a certain way and uncover the reason or purpose for certain events, challenges or circumstances. Astrological understanding allows you to prepare for turning points, take control of your life and to make more confident and informed choices.