Wanda Perry

Life Cycle Consultant

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For anyone who has never had a Birth Chart or Horoscope calculated before, you have an opportunity to do that now. Using your birth date, birth time and birth place, you can freeze that moment in time and place. I believe that anything born of a moment, inherits the characteristics of that moment; and by studying your birth moment you can learn a lot about yourself in Astrological terms.



The greatest gift is self-understanding, for with that comes self-acceptance and a sense of peace. Mostly everyone knows their Sun Sign, but not many people are aware of their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto placements within the Zodiac. This is what I call your Astological Signature. Hidden within your signature are the first clues of self-discovery. This report is available for $25 US dollars and will be sent to you via email..

For those of you who would like more in depth information and a full interpretation of your birth chart, it is available for $100 US dollars. This personalized report will aid you in self-understanding and identifying, your life lessons or purpose, your strengths and weaknesses along with environmental challenges. This report is sent to you via email.

After you were born and your chart calculated, the planets did not stop but continued to move through the heavens and through your chart, forming angles and interacting with your planetary chart placements and each other. By studying planetary motion I am able to alert you to current or future challenges, put you in touch with your natural cycles and identify where your energy is best spent. This is also a great tool for timing and is available for $100 US dollars. This report is sent to you via email.